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Monday 25th February 2008

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 4 miles, 4 locks. Total distance: 1156 miles.  Total locks: 739

We had a lovely peaceful three days at Cropredy. The weather was nice and we managed to get out every afternoon to walk the dogs across the fields. There are some really nice walks around the village.

Pulled the pins at 07:45 and dropped down through Cropredy lock to take on water. The water tank was all but empty with just two inches of water left in the bottom of the tank. We seem to get five nights out of a full tank but that also includes two washing machine loads so it’s not too bad.

We passed a nice dead tree very close to the canal so stopped and fired up the chainsaw. The tree is now in manageable bits and piled up on the roof. We will cut it all up into logs when we get back out into the countryside again.

We moored up at the northern end of Banbury close to Tesco and B&Q.

After lunch we walked to Tesco and stocked up on their Portuguese Rose wine as it is often hard to get hold of. We will also do a shop at Morrison’s at the other side of Banbury when we are passing in a day or so. Morrison’s is very close to the canal so is handy for doing a bigger shop.

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