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Wednesday 20th February 2008

Location: Claydon, Oxfordshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 13 miles, 8 locks. Total distance: 1150 miles.  Total locks: 727

Quite a busy day today.

After walking up to the village to pick up the papers, we pulled the pins and started to head up the Napton flight. After the first couple of locks we came across a Clifton Cruiser holiday boat moored up in the pound. A girl from the holiday boat came over to us just as we were exiting the lock and informed us that the pound above lock eleven was dry and that engineers were working on it. We moored up and walked up to the empty pound. BW had drained the pound the night before to enable some contractors to do some work on a culvert. They were in the process of re-filling the pound and advised us that all should be back to normal in an hour or so. True to their word, an hour or so later the pound was full and we were able to move on.

We stopped off for water at the top of the lock at Marston Doles. We had to wait for 85 minutes for a boat that was at the water point to complete filling their tank before we could top ours up.

As it was such a lovely day, we continued on until it started to get dark at around 17:30.

The last time we moored at Napton, I dropped a mooring hook in the canal as I was untying the ropes in the morning. I fished around a bit with the boat hook but couldn’t find it. When we got to Braunston, I bought a new hook at the chandlers, I also bought a Sea Searcher magnet. When we arrived back at Napton yesterday, I had a quick fish with the magnet and found the mooring hook within thirty seconds. Great things these Sea Searcher magnets. I met a guy last year who had lost a side hatch door and managed to recover it with his Sea Searcher.

Current mooring


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