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Monday 4th February 2008

Location: Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire, Grand Union

Today: 8 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1100 miles.  Total locks: 701

After some heavy rain over night we woke up to a lovely bright sunny day.

Walked into North Kilworth with the dogs to pick up the papers and to buy some petrol. We had an empty 5 litre petrol can (plastic) and bought another at the garage. We now have two 5 litre cans of petrol ready for the chainsaw. All in all it took us the best part of two days to pop to the nearest garage to get some petrol – not much gets done quickly living on the canals!!

The first few hundred yards of the bridal path that runs from bridge 40 to the village was like a quagmire – churned up by horse traffic then drenched in rain. The dogs were filthy when we got back to the boat - we had to wash them in a basin on the tow path to get the mud off.

On the walk back to the boat we decided that we would give the butcher a miss and instead we would head back down to Yelvertoft as the weather was good but the forecast for tomorrow is for rain. All being well the chainsaw should be arriving at the post office tomorrow so we want to be close by so that we can collect it rather than have the box cluttering up the post office.

Current mooring

Blue skies

nb May Bee under road bridge - been there for over a week getting the roof painted


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