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Tuesday 27th November 2007

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 0 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 928 miles.  Total locks: 611

Grey mild day. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Well, it has been almost a week since I added to this diary so …….

Have been hovering around Rugby for the last week due laptop collection problems - more below. Moved up to the water point near Tesco for a few nights then moved back to the spot where we moored up last Wednesday. We can get satellite TV reception here whereas we couldn’t up by Tesco.

When I unpacked and powered up the laptop, I was furious to find that they had not repaired it. The full story is HERE.

I went out to the local Curry’s store in Rugby and bought a Compaq desktop PC as living with my old Sony laptop was becoming very frustrating due to it being so slow and I have no idea when Sony will sort out the current problems with my new laptop. The new PC is running Windows Vista so I tried to install a copy of Windows XP as I am not a fan of Vista (it’s slower than XP and does not run all of the software that I have). It turned out that XP does not recognise the CPU in the Compaq (Intel Dual core Viiv CPU) and would not load so I will just have to live with Vista. I managed to download patches to get most of my software packages working so am now quite pleased with the Compaq.

I fitted the new mounting bracket for the 240V alternator that AR Peachment so kindly sent to me free of charge. The new mounting is slightly different to the old one so hopefully this will stop the problem re-occurring.  The mounting bracket also acts as one of the engine mounts so it was a real trial to fit. Still it is all on now and we have 240V from the engine again so we are happy.

I have spent a lot of time on the phone to DHL trying to sort out the collection of the dead laptop – all very frustrating. On Friday, I arranged with Sony to have DHL pick up the laptop outside Tesco in Rugby on Monday as we were moored close by and I had the post code. Yesterday morning at 08:00 we phoned DHL to try and change the pickup address to that of a company that is very close to where we are currently moored. I looked the company’s post code up on the web so that I could give it to DHL. The lady at DHL deleted the original job details then found she was unable to enter the new details. I had to get back on to Sony and get them to change the pick up address. I called into the company who’s address I am using and explained to the receptionist what I had arranged with DHL – basically that all I wanted to do was meet DHL outside the front of their building, I gave the girl me phone number just in case she needed to contact me for anything. First thing this morning I phoned DHL to check that all was OK and that they had my phone number so that they could phone me when they arrived outside the company’s premises. To cut a very long story short, after 35 minutes on the phone, they finally told me that they would call me between 13:00 and 14:00 to give me an idea as to what time they would arrive. On the belief that DHL would not be arriving until the afternoon, we walked the three mile round trip to Tesco – a pleasant walk along the tow path. Just as we were leaving Tesco at around 11:00, I received a phone call from a girl who works at the company who’s post code I was using. She was calling to tell me that a guy from DHL had arrived and was looking for me. I asked her if I could speak to the DHL guy so she passed me over to him. When I explained to him that his office in Coventry had told me that it would be the afternoon before he would be delivering, he told me that he knew nothing about it but he agreed to call back between 15:00 and 16:00 this afternoon. On the way back to the boat from Tesco, I called into the company and thanked the girl for taking the time to phone me. They very kindly offered to take the laptop from me and hold it until DHL picked it up – see, there are still some very nice and helpful people still around. I went back to the boat and picked up the laptop and a box of chocolates. The girls in the office now have the laptop and some chocolates to eat with their afternoon coffee.

The next challenge will be to get the repaired (hopefully brand new replacement)  laptop back from Sony!!!!

One of the biggest problems I have found while living on the boat is not being able to receive mail/parcels directly. Sending stuff is not a problem as it is always easy to find a post office.

I am going to have to go in search of logs soon as we are rapidly getting through the pile on the roof. We have been keeping our eyes peeled but there doesn’t seem to be any windfall around this area – too many boats probably??

I am looking forward to a visit from Ley, Ron and my mother this coming Saturday, will probably move back into Rugby to meet them as the tow path is a bit of a mess where we are and would be a bit dodgy for my mother to have to walk on.

Current mooring

nb Moore 2 Life moored near Rugby


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