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Monday 12th November 2007

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Grand Union

Today: 12 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 918 miles.  Total locks: 608

Bright cold day. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

The weather forecast for Wednesday is rain so we decided to press on to Braunston today.

It is nice to be back in Braunston, it almost feels like home as I have spent so much time around this area as TBN were moored close to here at Ventnor Farm.

I had problems uploading some photos to the website yesterday and it turned out that I had exceeded my quota on the hosting package I have. The quota was 250Mbytes and most of it has been taken up by the photographs in the canal diaries. I have now upgraded the package to the next one up which gives me 1.5Gbytes of web space which should take quite some time to fill. I use a company called 1and1 for the last couple of years and have been very pleased with their service and performance.

Tuesday 13th:

Went out for a meal at the Old Plough last night, once again, thoroughly enjoyed it.

It has been raining on and off this morning so we are glad that we pushed on yesterday and made it to Braunston.

Popped into the chandlers at the bottom lock this morning and picked up oil and an oil filter. It is time once again for an oil change.

We went for a walk with the dogs this afternoon and passed nb Usk and Lucy, two ex wooden working boats. Sadly, Usk was recently struck by fire and Lucy has now sunk. Photos below.

Wednesday 14th:

Changed the engine and gearbox oil today – again, not my favourite job. Our next boat will have an engine room for easier access!! The engine has now done 1423 hours.

A nice dry day today.

Thursday 15th:

A very cold night last night, the coldest so far this winter. We have a temperature/humidity monitor that records the internal and external temperatures. Last night the outside temperature was down to minus 4. The inside temperature in the evenings is around 23-25 - we live in T-shirts even in the winter!!

The stove is right at the stern end of the boat so the temperature at the stern end needs to be hot in order to keep the temperature in the bedroom (50 feet away) comfortable. If building a new boat we would have the layout such that the stove was more central to the boat to keep the temperature more even at the extremities.

Monday 19th

Not a nice day yesterday, cold, high winds and rain. It snowed last night, first snow of the year. The temperature increased overnight and the snow had thawed by morning.

A much better day today, bright sunny spells with just the odd shower.

Passed nb More 2 Life as we walked back to the boat after shopping in the village. Had a quick chat with Chas and Ann as we passed. They have a web site and a blog site. I used to follow their blog with envy while I was still at work, now that I am retired, I don’t seem to have as much time for such things although I still take a quick look now and then.

Picked up a gallon of oil (well, 5 litres in new money) this morning, will change the oil in the generator later as it is now up to 300 hours.

Current mooring

Archie and Mabel relaxing

Braunston Manor and church



Minus 4 frost last night - coldest so far this year. Photo was taken at 07:00 on 15-11-07.

The inside of the boat is lovely and warm even when freezing outside. The dogs love the fire - come to think of it - so do we!!!

Braunston Junction


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