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Friday 9th November 2007

Location: Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire, Grand Union

Today: 11 miles, 11 locks. Total distance: 875 miles.  Total locks: 585

Cool bright day. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Firstly a rant!! I just had a phone call from the Sony repair centre. They collected my £1800, nine month old laptop last Friday to repair it for the third time. There were four faults with it this time. Firstly, it has been reporting disk errors randomly for the last month (this is the same fault it was returned for the last two times). Secondly, the left touch pad mouse button has gone soft – it no longer has any feel and no longer clicks when pressed, it feel horrible in use as it feels like it is not doing anything when pressed. Thirdly, one of the USB ports is damaged – it works but it is loose and the plug falls out easily. Fourthly, it totally died on me, wouldn’t even power up. Had it not have died and had problems with the disk errors, I would not have bothered returning it for the mouse button and USB port as I can live with them the way that they are.
First time they repaired it they changed both the disk drives. The second time they repaired it they claim to have replaced the motherboard.
Back to the phone call ten minutes ago – they want £503 – yes £503 to repair the USB port. I told them that I am furious that they should consider charging me such a sum when I have had so much trouble with the damn thing since it was new. I told them that they can forget about repairing the USB port but I want whatever else is faulty replaced under their warrantee agreement. The girl that I was talking to said she would put a message on the ‘system’ for the engineer to repair everything except the USB port.
I advised the girl that under no circumstances will I ever be buying another product from Sony – and I won’t be!!!

Anyone want to be a second owner of my Sony laptop when I finally get it back - email me??? One careful owner and all that !!!!

Now back to today…..
We were up fairly early again and pulled the pins around 07:30 as it was a lovely sunny but cold morning. We headed on towards Braunston stopping at Leighton Buzzard to top up with water and to visit Tesco for some odds and ends.
We moored up at a lovely spot close to Stoke Hammond around 13:00 as we didn’t want to spend the night in Milton Keynes.
Passed Wyvern Shipping back in Linslade and saw the hire boat Marigold that started me on this canal boating life. My first experience on the canals was on their hire boat Marigold just over two years ago.

Current mooring

nb Keeping Up - owned by Canal World forum member Allan

Wyvern fleet. Look at that sky - it has been a beautiful day - until Sony phoned!!

Marigold - first narrow boat we were ever on

The Globe - had an OK meal here two years ago. This is close to the location where the great train robbery took place


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