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Friday 12th October 2007

Location: Marlow, Berkshire, Thames

Today: 1 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 732 miles.  Total locks: 482

Grey but mildr. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Moved down to the free 24 hour mooring just up stream of Marlow. There is a sign that says no mooring up river from the sign. I have been moored up river for two nights. There are no signs up the river so if you are coming down stream you have no way of knowing that mooring is forbidden!!

Just I was pulling in to moor, a police boat arrived a short distance in front – photos below. They untied a moored boat, tied it to their boat and towed it away. Not sure why. Over stayed their welcome? No license? Didn’t pay their mooring fee – I think they were just inside the area where you have to pay??

After mooring up, I washed down the port side of the boat as it was easy to get at – second time it has been washed in two years – don’t want to ware the paint away!! Will do the starboard side some other time when I can get at it.

Current mooring - just washed the port side

Bisham Abbey

Mooring sign, I was moored up river for two nights!! There was no sign up river??

Police removing boat from moorings


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