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Friday 13th July 2007

Location: Alvechurch, Worcs  N52:20:60 W1:58:15   

Today: 0 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 216 miles.   Total locks: 206


It has poured down all day, some real heavy showers.

The floor needed a coat of varnish as the coating that went on after the new section of flooring was fitted last August had worn thin in placed due to the heavy foot traffic. Moved all of the furniture out of the saloon area and into the dinging area. The dogs and I were confined to the kitchen and bedroom for 24 hours as the saloon and dining area were out of bounds. Washed the floor twice then sanded the old varnish lightly. I had a half a tin of Ronseal diamond matt and a half a tin of Ronseal diamond gloss so I mixed the two together to use it all up. As the weather was so bad, I lit the fire to help dry the varnish. All in all, I applied five coats during the day, one every two hours as directed on the tin. The end result looks good. Hopefully it will last longer than the coats it had last August. The tin said apply at least three coats, last August, it only got two so that might be the reason it didn’t last too well.

Saturday 14th July

A lovely day today, lots of sun and no rain. Kept the fire in over night to help dry the varnish. All in all, the floor looks good now, a few hairs but with two dogs on the boat there is nothing much that can be done to avoid the hairs.

Fitted a pipe and tap in the engine bay to what was the diesel oil feed to the old stove. I want to be able to take diesel from the main tank to use in the generator. I normally fill up a couple of ten litre cans when I fill the main tank. While we were stuck on the river Severn, I used all of the diesel in the cans. If we get stuck anywhere in the future, or use the generator heavily, at least now I will be able to take diesel from the main tank without too much hassle.

While in the engine bay fitting the new diesel pipe etc. I noticed that the fan belt was just about to break so I replaced it with the spare we carry. Went to the chandlery run by Alvechurch boat hire but they didn’t have the right size. Will have to remember to pick one up soon as it is always good to carry a spare. Also noticed that the adjustment bracket for the 240V alternator has broken. This is the third time. It is still holding the alternator in place but will need to be changed. Will have to see if I can find someone to make a new one out of mild something other than the cast metal that the engine importers supply. The cast version is too brittle and all three have broken at the same point.

Moved two miles north to take on water then returned to the same mooring spot again. Decided to take on water today as the weather forecast for the next two days is heavy rain with some flood warnings, what a lovely summer we are having this year!! Going to keep the fire going over night as it is nice to have it on in the miserable weather.

Had a real hard bump from a hire boat leaving Alvechurch boat hire, obviously he had just picked the boat up. The guy steering just froze when he realised he was on a collision course, he could easily have steerd away. He was also going far too fast. Actually caused some photos to fall over inside the boat. He shouted an apology as he weaved onwards along the canal. Must remember not to moor too close to a hire boat place again, it's only about a hundred yards away!!

Sunday 15th July

Well, the weather forecast was right, a lot of rain over night and more during the day.

Spent most of the day inside apart from a couple of outings with the dogs. Used up the tiles left over from tiling around the stove. Tiled the back of the hob and the back of the sink. Looks a lot better and will be easier to keep clean. Used a tile adhesive made by Dunlop with an additive that is supposed to make it adhere to shiny surfaces and make it flexible. Time will tell if it will work or not.

Floor after varnishing. The darker area on the left is the new section fitted last August. The camera seems to highlight the differences more than the eye does??

Sunset on Saturday night. So much for the saying 'Red Sky At Night ....'

New tiles behind the hob

New tiles behind the sink


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