Ten Bob Note


Date: Friday 19th February 2010
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex  
Miles today: 6 - Locks today: 2 - Total miles: 179 - Total Locks: - 119  




Woke up to better weather today, cold but dry.

The last time we were at Bulls Bridge, the Tesco dry dock was an absolute mess. It was so bad that we felt compelled to write to Tesco to complain about it. Tesco wrote back and said that they would look into it. Well, we were pleasantly surprised to see the dry dock all cleaned up and looking good. Some photos below.

Moved on up to Uxbridge and picked up six new batteries from the Chandlery at Denham Yacht Station (Uxbridge Marina). The batteries are now fitted and hopefully will last as long as the last set did. Uxbridge Marina have agreed to take the old batteries off our hands so we will drop them off the next time we are passing by.

Bulls Bridge looking towards the Paddington arm

Bulls Bridge

Tesco dry dock - cleaned up now - see HERE for as it was

Tesco Bulls Bridge

The dry dock was full of rubbish and greenery before

Tesco Bulls Bridge

Note the water butt - an extended water tank ??

Water Butt




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