Ten Bob Note


Date: Monday 15th February 2010
Location: Little Venice, London  
Miles today: 2 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 161 - Total Locks: - 117  




Yes, we are still alive and kicking, just not had anything much to report of late…..

After 3 years of service, our bank of six 110Amp Hr batteries have finally given up the ghost. The recent cold weather has just about finished them off. After talking to other boaters and phoning around a couple of places, the chandlers at Uxbridge marina seems to be as competitive as any where else so we have placed an order and are on our way there to pick them up. Weather permitting – and it is not forecast to be all that great, we should collect them at the end of this week or early next.

Have been following John Sloan’s trip around India with great interest. We very much enjoy reading his blog and looking at his photos. Very entertaining reading and he ‘tells it as it is’.

BW sign in Paddington basin

They don't mention the no return within two months rule

BW sign

Spot Elvis.....


Good name for a steel boat


Lots of high rise flats on the approach to Little Venice


House Boat at Little Venice

house boat

Little Venice

Little Venice

Approach to Little Venice from Kensal Green

Little Venice

BW patrol notice - you get these if you are naughty

Patrol Notice

bw notice

Might put in an offer for this one!!!!


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