Ten Bob Note


Date: Wednesday 2nd December 2009
Location: Kensal Green, London  
Miles today: 14 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 152 - Total Locks: - 117  



Woke up to the first frost of the year – well, the first that we have experienced down here in the south. There was quite a heavy layer of frost on the roof and the water by the water point was iced over.

Had a lovely cruise down to Kensal Green, it was cold but the sun was out for most of the journey. Not many other boats on the move these days, lovely and quiet on the canals at the moment.

Kensal is handy for the big Sainsbury store right on the side of the canal and there are regular buses into central London.

Alperton visitor moorings


They are on the left - never seen any boats moored here??


Interesting boat



Life Boat as used on oil rigs - holds 60 people!!!

Life Boat

Life Boat

North Circular Road aquaduct


Wembley Stadium


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