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Date: Monday 17th August 2009
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex GPS: - N051.55527, W0.48390
Miles today: 6  -  Locks today: 10 -  Total miles: 69 -  Total Locks: 42 Phone: - Poor (S5), GPRS




Quite a busy day today, well, by our standards it was.

Worked our way up through the Hanwell flight, every lock being against us because a boat had passed earlier heading in the same direction as us. Still, the weather was nice and it was a very pleasant journey to Uxbridge.

Still not a lot of boats about, looks like the canals down this neck of the woods are just not as popular as the canals further north. We are certainly not complaining about the lack of boats and no queues at the locks!!

It’s nice to be back north of Uxbridge, lovely around here.

Passed Richard on a loaded nb Arundel just north of Cowley, photo below.

The hedgerows are full of Elderberries and Blackberries this year, must pick some and have a go at making something with them……

View from the window

View Uxbridge

3 bridges near top of hanwell flight. Road over canal over rail

3 bridges

Note the extra wide walkway across the lock gates, much safer than the usual narrow ones.

Lock gate walkway

Grand Idea

Grand Idea

Hanwell top lock

Hanwell top lock

House boats near Bull's Bridge

House boat

House boat

Old working boat Arundel carrying 30 tons of gravel - a touch low in the water!!!

canal working boat

nb Maisibert - click here for their blog site

nb Masibert

Strange boat

Strange baot

Take a look !!!

Take a look

take a look

Tesco at Bull's Bridge


Tower of London - taken with mobile phone through bus window

Tower of London

A way of life

way of life

Old wooden work boat being restored

wooden work boat

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