Ten Bob Note


Date: Saturday 15th August 2009
Location: Limehouse Basin, London GPS: - N051.51051, W0.03610
Miles today: 0  -  Locks today:-  Total miles: 44 -  Total Locks: 27 Phone: - OK (S3), HSDPA




A busy spot is this Limehouse basin, lots of boats have been coming and going through the lock over the last few days. Lots of cruisers in and out.

We paid a visit to the Greenwich observatory today, well worth it. There are lots of interesting exhibits on show in the museum covering the history of Greenwich Mean Time. Also popped into the maritime museum but it was very busy. Must visit again outside the busy holiday season.

Road bridge open to let sail boat in to Limehouse lock


Clock at Greenwich observatory



Time Ball




Meridian line


One of the high speed passenger boats on the Thames

Speed boat

View of the Thames from Greenwich park


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