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Date: 01st July 2009
Location: S. Watford, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.64927, W0.43021
Miles today: 0  -  Locks today: 0  -  Total miles: 3  -  Total Locks: 4 Phone: - Good, 3.5g




We walked into Watford town yesterday to pick up my repaired t-mobile Nokia N79 phone. A very hot day, just over 30c.

The Harlequin Centre (the main shops in the town) is just under two miles from the canal and is an easy walk.

Collected the phone, wandered around the shops, visited the library and returned to the boat.

Needed to make a phone call shortly after returning to the boat and guess what? No sound out of the phone’s ear piece. Can only get sound by turning the phone on to ‘speaker phone’. Strange as all the repair centre supposedly did was change the battery. A call to the t-mobile help desk resulted in a suggestion to take the phone back to the shop and have it returned to the repair centre.

Wednesday 1st July
Walked back into town to return my phone for repair – again!!!  The girl in the shop was very apologetic and said that she would mark it as ‘urgent’ but it would probably still be 10 days or so before it would be repaired. We will be around the Watford area a little longer than we expected to be……

While in the t-mobile shop, I cancelled my ‘web-n-walk pro’ internet service plan and changed over to a USB dongle modem package. I have been using my mobile phones for internet access for the last number of years but have now taken the plunge and switched to a proper modem. On return to the boat, I set up the new dongle and found that the download speed is over three times the speed I experienced through my Nokia N70 3g phone and around twice as fast as my unreliable Nokia N79 3.5g phone. Apart from the improved download speed, the other advantage of using the dongle is that the phone is free for use as a phone when the computer is connected to the internet via the dongle. The down side of the dongle is that the ‘package’ cost £5.0 more per month than the phone package.

Another hot day today, over 30c again.

Canal at current mooring - S Watford

Canal at S Watford

Fairtrading Town - What's that ????

Watford Sign

Croxley Green Sign - nicer than Watford's

Croxley Green Sign

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