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Tuesday 31st March 2009

Location: Priors Pardwick, Warwickshire, South Oxford Canal

Today: 5 miles, 8 locks. Total distance: 2038 miles.  Total locks: 1373

Went for a walk across the fields to Southam yesterday to pick up a few odds and ends in the Budgens supermarket there. A very pleasant 7 mile round trip.

Popped to the shop in Napton this morning for fresh milk before pulling the pins around 11:30 this morning and heading up the Napton flight. Made it up through the 8 locks in just over two hours which isn’t bad going considering that most of them were against us.

Passed Diana and Brian on nb Harnser a short distance from Priors Hardwick. Just managed to exchange a quick hello in passing.

A lovely day today weather wise, t-shirt weather, long may it last.

Had a quick chat with a very pleasant British Waterways guy out and about checking licenses. He was telling us that he covers the length from Braunston all the way down to Oxford. He was also saying how much he enjoys his job, all the exercise and being out in the fresh air every day.


Current Mooring

Old Southam mint, now a pub

View from the window here at Priors Hardwick

Wednesday 1st April

Another glorious day today so decided to stay put in this lovely spot and do the washing. Actually managed to dry the clothes outside on the clothesline, first time in a very long time.

Went for a very pleasant circular walk up to the village of Priors Hardwich – GPS track here – just under 5 miles round trip. It’s a lovely little village and well worth a visit, some photos below.

We are on a go slow at the moment because we are waiting for the coal boat Gosty Hill to catch up with us so we can stock up with coal before heading on down south where the coal is upwards of £2 per bag more expensive. Expect Gosty Hill to catch up around Friday.

Beehives near the Butchers Arms pub

The Butchers Arms

Priors Hardwick church

The Green

Nice house

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