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Friday 27th March 2009

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, South Oxford Canal

Today: 4 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 2027 miles.  Total locks: 1364

Pulled the pins around 10:30 and headed on down to Braunston.

Baked a loaf of wholemeal bread while underway as the fast bake takes three hours.

Stopped off at the water point beside The Midland Chandlers to top up the tank.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find my favorite mooring spot along the Puddle Banks vacant. This is the only spot along this whole stretch where it is possible to get the boat right into the side. The last few times I have passed this way, the spot has been taken.

Took Archie for a walk up to the village to pick up a few odds and ends from the shop.

Current Mooring

Braunston Boats Ltd

Braunston bottom lock

Braunston Chandlers by bottom lock

Braunston Manor

Braunston marina

Old Mill

Saturday 28th

A very blustery and showery day today so decided to stay put in Braunston.

Programmed up the GPS and went for a very pleasant walk across the fields this afternoon, GPS track here.

It was a very pleasant surprise to finally meet Lynne and Paul on nb Piston Broke. We have exchanged the occasional email over recent months and it was nice to finally meet face to face for a quick chat. Piston Broke is a lovely boat, photos below.



nb Piston Broke

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