Ten Bob Note


Thursday 26th March 2009

Location: Barby, Northamptonshire, North Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 2023 miles.  Total locks: 1364

Pulled the pins around 10:30 and headed up to the water point near Tesco in Rugby to fill the tank up.

Turned at the winding hole just north of Ruby and started the journey south to London. Have decided to travel to London via the Thames and keep my fingers crossed that the river doesn’t go into flood as soon as I join it!!! Will probably go all the way down to Limehouse and join the Grand Union there.

I received an email from a Mark H a few weeks or so back asking me if I could takes some photos of the long term moorings on the Barby straight next time I passed by, photos below Mark.

After mooring up, walked Archie up the hill to the Barby Windmill, a very pleasant walk even though the weather was a bit on the blustery side.

Current Mooring

Photos for Mark H.

Mark asked me for some photos of the long term moorings on the Barby Straight

Little pony

Barby windmill

Views over Northamptonshire countryside

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