Ten Bob Note


Wednesday 18th March 2009

Location: Clifton, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 6 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 2012 miles.  Total locks: 1361

Pulled the pins at around 10:00 and headed north to Clifton.

Stopped off at Tesco in Rugby to stock up on a few odds and ends while passing.

Iain and Alison on the coal boat Gosty Hill passed just as I was about to leave Rugby. Bought another three bags of Stoveglow at £7.45 to keep my stock levels up!!!

Moored up by the golf course at Clifton, a nice peaceful spot.

A new boat was in the process of being delivered to Clifton wharf as I passed. A huge crane was in place in readiness to transfer the boat from the low loader to the water, photo below.

Once again, the weather has been lovely for the time of year, long may it continue.

Current Mooring

Huge crane at Clifton wharf for lifting new boat from low loader

Note pile of paving slabs for balast for new boat.

New boat

Badsey's van outside Badsey's restaurant

Hillmorton wharf

Hillmorton church

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