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Friday 26th December 2008

Location: Napton, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 13 miles, 1 locks. Total distance: 1921 miles.  Total locks: 1311

Well, that’s Christmas over with for another year and I can’t say that I am sorry, not my favorite time of the year.

Woke up to a lovely clear day today, bitterly cold in the easterly wind but nice.

Pulled the pins at 09:00 with the intention of moving down to Braunston. It was such a nice day that I just kept on going and ended up mooring just above Napton bottom lock.

After mooring up, I walked Archie up to the top of the locks as he hasn't had much of a walk today. I had forgotten how nice it is around the Napton locks, looking back, it is just over 6 months since I was last here, time flies.

Passed Adam and Adrian on nb Debdale at Napton, stopped for a quick chat but was having trouble speaking as my face was so cold. We passed Adrian and Adam at almost the same place and time last year.

If the weather is nice, I may walk Archie into Southam tomorrow to have a look around, we have never been there before.

Current Mooring

Lovely countryside just north of Braunston - look at that sky!!

On tow

Braunston junction

Napton Windmill

Saturday 27th

A busy morning today.

Woke up to a lovely crisp and frosty morning, cold with another easterly breeze blowing. Programmed up the GPS and set off with Archie across the fields to take a look at Southam. All in all, a six and a half mile round trip across some lovely countryside. The going on the way there was quite good as the ground was fairly hard after the over night frost. The journey back was very hard going as the ground had softened and was very muddy in places.

I have been having problems with my mobile phone over the last few days, the battery has decided that it does not want to hold it’s charge for very long. Hopefully, I will be able to pick up a new battery when I get to Banbury.

There is a Budgens supermarket at the bottom of Southam main street. A bit of a hike from the canal but it is well stocked with just about everything you could wish for (but not mobile phone batteries!!).

Got back to the boat and decided to put on a wash and hoover through while the generator was on. Now have a very clean boat again. Think I will rest up with a book this afternoon.

Nice pathway left through the newly planted trees

House by Napton bottom lock. Under renovation, looking good now


Southam church - a big church for a small place

How the hell did they get planning permision to build that 'thing' on the left of those two lovely cottages ????

Does it look out of place or what!!!

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