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Wednesday 24th December 2008

Location: Hillmorton, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 6 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1908 miles.  Total locks: 1310

I have been at Newbold for 9 days, I think it must be the longest that I have ever stayed in one location.

My son Glenn came to visit last Saturday and stayed the night. We went out for lunch in The Barley Mow pub and had a very pleasant time together. Glenn is now down in Cornwall for Xmas.

I received an email (Thanks Tony) advising me that there was a cache not too far from where I was moored in Newbold. I went looking for it yesterday afternoon but didn’t find it. I returned this morning and this time I found it – photo below.

I also came across the old canal tunnel that used to form part of the North Oxford Canal. It fell into disuse when the canal was shortened and was replaced by the current Newbold tunnel. The entrance is bricked up now but there are a couple of holes so that bats can get in and out.

I decided to move on today as I fancy being out in the country for Xmas. I pulled the pins around 09:00 and headed south, stopping at Tesco in Rugby on the way. While moored near Tesco, I came across Derek and Dot on nb Gypsy Rover with their daughter Tracey. We had a good chat while Derek was filling his water tank. Nice to meet them at long last.

Met up with Iain and Alison on nb Gosty Hill so topped up with diesel and coal.

Not far from the top of the Hillmorton locks, I stopped to chat to a lady that I have passed before. She lives alone on her boat with her dog and has done so for the last 13 years. She was telling me how much life on the canals has changed in recent times and it hasn’t been for the better.

Finally moored up a couple of miles south of Hillmorton. A lovely quiet spot with no one else around.

Current Mooring

The old Newbold canal tunnel - the two holes are for the bats

The inside of the tunnel is still in very good condition

You can just make out the tunnel to the left of the church

The cache

Thursday 25th

Happy Xmas to everyone that follows my ramblings

Took Archie out for a nice long walk over the fields this morning, we both enjoyed it immensely. We passed a very ugly house on the way, very ostentatious, photo below. It must cost an absolute fortune to heat. I think the ugly looking appendage on the left must be an indoor swimming pool.

I baked my Xmas loaf of bread last night while the generator was on. I have not bought any bread since buying the bread maker a few weeks ago. Every loaf comes out the same, I am very pleased with the results and wouldn’t be without it now.

Xmas loaf

Lovely public footpath, well maintained

A bit ostentatious

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