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Monday 15th December 2008

Location: Newbold, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 5 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1902 miles.  Total locks: 1307

Decided to head back to Rugby today as the weather was quite nice. I want to be around the Rugby area for a while as my son Glenn is thinking of popping along for a visit and needs a access to handy train station. I will most probably spend Xmas in the Rugby area now.

Set the bread maker up as I knew the engine would be on for at least two hours and I ran out of bread last night. The bread was ready just as I was filling up with water.

Pulled the pins and reversed back to the winding hole which used to be the entrance to the Brinklow arm. Reversed the stern into the hole is it looked to be the easiest way to turn due to trees causing an obstruction on the far bank and the funny angle into the old arm. Big mistake – the stern became well and truly stuck due to lack of depth. Had to get the pole out and pole the bow around – first time I have ever needed the pole. The winding hole could do with a little bit of dredging….

Carried on down to Newbold where I filled up with water etc. Decided to moor up at the Newbold visitor moorings and have a look around the area as I have never stayed here before.

Wandered down into the village (if you could call it a village, it is more like the outskirts of Rugby). There is a reasonably sized co-op store with a free cash machine and a chip shop. I have heard good things about the chip shop from other boaters in the past so may give it a try.

The magnet effect has happened again. With all of the free mooring spaces here, another boat has moored right up behind me. They are also burning ordinary house coal (as against the usual smokeless) and the smell coming in through my roof vents is none too pleasant at times. I couldn't care less what they burn if I didn't have to smell their smoke. Am I turning into a Victor Meldrew ???

Had a quick look on the GeoCaching web site and found a cache about a mile and a half away so headed off with Archie to see if we could find it. To get to it, we had to cross a flood plain that was in a bit of a mess after all of the rain at the weekend. Still we made it there and found the cache – a very pleasant walk in an area that is new to us and had it not been for the cache, we would never have ventured there. I like this GeoCaching lark.

Current Mooring

Very shallow winding hole (turning point)

Newbold main street. A co-op wth a cash machine and a chip shop. All within a couple of hundred yards of the water point

Newbold church

Rugby cement works

Flood plain on route to the cache site - a mess after the flooding at the weekend

The cache

Cement works from a distance

All that free visitor mooring space in front

And they have to moor right up my stern - and subject me to their house coal smoke. Oh well, it takes all sorts I supose.....

Tuesday 16th

Decided to stay on here a while longer as it is a nice handy spot.

Walked to Tesco with Archie this morning, it is a pleasant three mile round trip walk along the tow path. It’s about the same distance from here to Tesco as it is from the Rugby golf course moorings where I usually stay when in this area. The tow path at this end is in much better condition than it is down at the golf course end.

Took Archie for a lovely walk around the Newbold Quarry Park. I have seen the signs for the park many times when passing here on the boat but this is the first time I have paid it a visit. It’s a nice spot and well worth a visit.

There are two pubs about 100 yards from this mooring. They are actually next door neighbors. It makes you wonder how they can both stay in business.

I have been keeping an eye out for nb Gypsey Rover as I know they are due to pass by very soon as they were only two miles north of here yesterday evening. Maybe I missed them while I was at Tesco or in the Quarry Park. I would like the opportunity to meet Dot and Derek to say hello as we have exchanged emails in the past.

Photos of Newbold Quarry Park

This is a first, never come across two pubs right next door to each other

The Boat and the Barley Mow, right beside the tow path at Newbold water point

Friday 19th

I spied nb Gypsy Rover moored up near Tesco in Rugby on Wednesday. Nobody at home, Dot and Derek were probably off shopping. On reading their blog, it looks as if they are moving to Newbold for Xmas so we will probably get to meet face to face then.

nb Gypsy Rover moored at Brownslow - no one at home when I passed by

Got up yesterday morning to a fine and mild day so I decided that it would be a good day to varnish the cabin floor – a job I have been putting off for a long time. Sanded the floor down and applied four coats of varnish, one coat every two hours. That should keep it going for another 6 to 9 months. Archie and I had to live in the bedroom all day due to the wet varnish on the floor.

Floor before

Floor after

Furniture back

Archie and I badly needed a good walk today as we were cooped up in the boat for most of yesterday due to varnishing the floor.

I marked out what looked like a good five mile round trip route on the laptop using my Memeory_Map Ordinance survey maps software and then transferred the route to my Garmin hand held GPS unit. Archie and I then set off on our walk. Map here.

Unfortunately, several sections of the walk have been ploughed over and no path existed due to lack of use – such a shame. Still, it didn’t stop us and we ploughed on across the fields following the GPS unit to keep us on the official path. It is a great shame that some of these country paths are not better used to keep them open.

At one point, the walk took us through a farm yard and the farmer had just brought in some of his sheep. I was amazed to see how much there steam was rising from the flock; I would have thought that the thick coat of wool would have kept the body heat in better than it does – photo below. The farmer thanked me for having Archie on the lead and under control. He went on to say that he gets well and truly pi$$ed off by walkers passing through his fields and farm with their dogs off the lead and running loose, especially at this time of year when his sheep are with lamb.

The Rugby cement works is always on the horizon

Harboriugh Magna church

The Old Lion - Harborough Magna

The walk was heavy going in places due to the fact that the path no longer exists in places

Lovely countryside and perfect weather for walking

Harborough Magna manor house

The path exists but is never used by the looks of it

The path runs across this field but there are no signs of use

I think the only foot traffic over this bridge is the local rabits and foxes

Someone has been here at some point in the past - nice sign

Steam rising off sheep.

The farmer told me that it was because they had just been walked for a mile from their field to the farm

This tree is still alive!!

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