Ten Bob Note


Saturday 16th August 2008

Location: Disley, Cheshire, Peak Forest Canal

Today: 8 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1657 miles.  Total locks: 1188

We were expecting to travel down to Porthleven in Cornwall for a few days at the end of September but we had a surprise phone call yesterday that necessitates us travelling down next Tuesday for a two week visit.  We had a quick phone around all of the marinas in the Marple area and were lucky to get a space at New Mills. Ten Bob Note goes into the marina on Monday and we travel on Tuesday. We are a lot further north than we expected to be so we have a long drive ahead of us, we were planning to be further south for the end of September trip.

Pulled the pins around 07:30 and headed on towards New Mills so that we will be close to the marina for Monday morning.

The Peak Forest canal is very shallow and we struggled to find a mooring spot. In the end, we found a lovely spot with fantastic views and only about two miles from the marina so it will be a short journey on Monday.

We followed another boat for a short distance and they were struggling to make headway. If they strayed off the centre of the channel by more than a couple of feet they ran aground. They told us when we passed them at a lift bridge that the had a two foot size inch draft which is quite a lot. We ran aground a few times ourselves in places.

So far, the scenery along the Peak Forest Canal has been stunning.

Current Mooring

Goyt Mill Marple

Junction of the Macclesfield with the Peak Forest canal

View from the window at current mooring

View from the window at current mooring

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