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Friday 15th August 2008

Location: Four Lane Ends, Cheshire, Macclesfield Canal

Today: 8 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1649 miles.  Total locks: 1188

Well, we went out for a meal at the new Sutton Mill pub last night and very nice it was too. It turns out that the pub is part of a chain – details here:


They actually have real chefs on the premises cooking real food from fresh ingredients – not something we come across too often these days – a very pleasant surprise. No music, no games machines – only peace and quiet and folk chatting - lovely. Will most definitely visit one of their other pubs should we pass one in the future.

Pulled the pins around 07:30 and headed on northward. Moored up at a nice spot at Four Lane Ends. Just before mooring up we asked a passing boat if there was a paper shop in the area so that we can pick up the papers in the morning. They told us that there was a paper shop beside bridge 15 which is about a mile and a half ahead. After lunch we walked along to bridge 15 with the dogs and spoke to some locals, there is no paper shop anywhere near bridge 15 so there will be no papers in the morning!!

Current Mooring

Adelphi Silk Mill - now business units

Clarence Textile Mill - now business units

Huge piece of fallen wall closes tow path

Spot the hellicopter in the back garden

Hovis flour mill - now flats

A snake bridge

Was someone's pride and joy not too long ago

Sutton Hall pub


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