Ten Bob Note


Thursday 14th August 2008

Location: Sutton Lane Ends, Cheshire, Macclesfield Canal

Today: 5 miles, 12 locks. Total distance: 1641 miles.  Total locks: 1188

The last boat came down through the locks at 21:15 last night and moored up on the lock landing as there was no other mooring space available.

We were up early and pulled the pins at 06:00 to head up the flight. Had a lovely trip up and arrived at the top at 07:50 just as the first boat was arriving to start down.

Lovely locks and well maintained although I had a bit of a scare in one of the chambers when the boat started to tip over at quite an alarming angle. A blast of full power reverse freed it up. The locks are built out of large blocks of solid stone and many blocks have become damaged over the years. Our base plate protrudes out past the side of the hull by about an inch all around. I think that the base plate at the bow end got caught in a section of damaged block and the water flowing under the boat caused it to tip over.

We decided to moor up at Sutton Lane Ends as we didn’t fancy pushing on through Macclesfield today after the early start.

After lunch we went for a wander up to the village for a look around – some photos below. The village shop is about three quarters of a mile from the canal and is up hill almost all of the way. We just got back to the boat when the skies opened and it poured down.

Sutton Lane Hall is just across the canal from the spot where we are moored. We wandered over for a look around as it has only very recently been turned into a pub. We were chatting to some customers in the car park and they told us that they had just come along to try it out as it is new and that they thoroughly enjoyed the meals they had just eaten there. It is literally only a couple of hundred yards from the boat so we are going to give it a try tonight.

Current Mooring

Bosley Locks

All lock chambers built with large ston blocks

Many blocks are damaged - boat can get caught up on edges - see text

Lovely stone work - all the bridges so far are like this one

The great canal builder

Sutton Lane Ends church

Now that's the way to travel on the roads

Met a lady walking granson in her 30 year old pram

Village green

Sutton Hall recently converted to a pub - will try it out to night. Ten Bob Note can just be seen moored in the distance.

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