Ten Bob Note


Monday 11th August 2008

Location: Hall Green, Cheshire, Macclesfield Canal

Today: 7 miles, 6 locks. Total distance: 1627 miles.  Total locks: 1176

Pulled the pins just before 07:00 and headed up through the Stoke locks to Etruria junction where we stopped to dump rubbish and fill up with water.

Headed on to the 2926 yard long Harecastle tunnel. The tunnel operates a one way system and you have to wait until the BW tunnel keeper gives you the go-ahead to proceed. The tunnel is a bit low in places and we had to take the boxes of coal off the roof before we entered.

On the way to the tunnel we came across a 70 foot holiday boat attempting to turn around at a winding hole but they were having great difficulty because a cruiser had decided to moor up right inside the hole. If there was anyone on the cruiser boat at the time, they were in hiding.

Moored up just north of the tunnel and did a quick shop at the Tesco store that is very close to the canal.

After shopping we joined the Macclesfield canal and just as we were approaching Hall Green lock the skies opened and it chucked it down. We moored up almost immediately after the lock at the 48 hour visitor moorings and decided to call it a day.

Current Mooring

Bone and Flint mill at Etruria

Skips full of broken dishes

Some deep locks at Stoke

Old pottery works still on the go

Old chimney

The old with the new

Old works

Guess what this is !!

70ft boat attempting to turn in a winding hole where some idiot decided to moor up for the night!! It takes all sorts.....

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