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Friday 8th August 2008

Location: Trentham, Staffordshire, Trent and Mersey Canal

Today: 6 miles, 9 locks. Total distance: 1620 miles.  Total locks: 1170

The 8th of the 8th 08 today.

Up early this morning as we wanted to get up through the 8 locks above Stone before the rush starts.

Pulled the pins at 06:00 and cleared all of the locks by 08:00 without meeting another boat on the move.

As nb Marmaduke mentioned in their blog for yesterday, there was hardly a free mooring to be found in and around Stone as we left this morning. Looks like you need to get there and get moored up very early at this time of year if you want to find a space.

We found a reasonable mooring spot just north of Trentam that will do us nicely for a day or so. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not good so we will probably stay here until at least Sunday. There is supposed to be a shop at a garage about half a mile or south of where we are moored so we will go looking for it later to see if they stock daily papers for tomorrow.

Update Friday PM
Walked back to bridge 106.
There is a garage to the east of the bridge with a small shop that sells papers etc. To the west, just to the north of the main road and before the large pub, there is a post office and a shop that sells just about everything.

Back in Barlaston, there is a good size Londis just beside the canal near the railway station.

Current Mooring

Could do with a bit of a clean!!

Nice boat from the other side (see yesterday)

Tow path was in the same state when we passed this way last August

Nice cottages near Barlaston

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