Ten Bob Note


Wednesday 6th August 2008

Location: Great Haywood, Staffordshire, Trent and Mersey Canal

Today: 2 miles, 2 locks. Total distance: 1606 miles.  Total locks: 1158

Woke up to a better looking day today, no rain.

Walked up to the garage to pick up the papers then pulled the pins at around 08:00 which is late for us.

Arrived at the first lock of the day to find a queue of boats waiting to go up.

After phoning around to find out the current price of diesel in the area, we pulled into Anglo Welsh at Great Haywood as they were the cheapest at 85p per litre. Both boat yards at Stone were 89p. We filled up with 100 litres and picked up a bottle of gas while we were there.

After leaving Anglo Welsh, we topped up with water at the junction then headed on northward. As we were approaching the next lock (Hoo Mill), a boat coming towards us advised us that there were 8 boats queuing to go up through the lock. As it was almost 12:00 and neither of us felt like queuing for an hour or so, I reversed back a quarter of a mile and moored up in the first spot where we could get into the side. We are now moored just to the north of the entrance to the new Great Haywood marina. We will set off early tomorrow to avoid the traffic. Roll on the autumn when things quieten down again.

Received an email from Kees Roos in Holland advising me that the web page for July 2nd was missing some photos, page now fixed. Kees also mentioned that having the date in the first column of every web page was making the pages difficult to view on his home and work computers. I have removed the date column as it didn’t serve any useful purpose so hopefully the pages will display better on lower resolution screens. Thanks to Kees for the constructive advice.

Also received an email from Paul Macey of NSW Australia. Paul liked the photo of the dog and thought it looks a bit like Billy Connolly. Now that you mention it Paul, I can see the likeness – photo repeated below.

Current Mooring

BillyConnolly look-alike

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