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Thursday 24th July 2008

Location: Brinklow, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 8 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1559 miles.  Total locks: 1139

Up early this morning and headed up Tesco to do some shopping before leaving the area.

Did a double shop at Tesco as we needed dog food and we buy it in the 15kg bags so had to do one trip especially for the dog food.

After leaving Tesco we headed off north to a nice spot about a mile north of Brinklow. There is a small store in Brinklow village so we will be OK for papers tomorrow.

This warm weather is putting a real strain on the batteries as the fridge and freezer compressors are running almost all of the time in order to maintain their temperatures. I have been seriously considering investing in some solar panels but am holding off for the moment until I am confident that they are worth the investment – they are expensive. At the moment, when we don’t move for a day, we have to run the engine or generator for the best part of three hours in order to get the batteries charged back up. Apart from the nuisance value, with diesel prices going through the roof and increasing considerably in price in November, solar appears to be the only alternative answer to battery charging. Will continue to think about it….

Update Friday 25th

Went for a lovely walk into Brinklow village with the dogs to pick up the papers, a nice 3.5 mile round trip. Map of the walk here. We have been to the Post Office in the village a couple of times in the past but this is the first time we have found the footpath across the fields – thanks to the Garmin GPS and Memory Map software.

Phoned Sterling about the faulty battery charger that I shipped back to them last Monday. The lady I spoke to advised me that they had received it, tested it and were going to replace it with a new one. It’s probably cheaper for them to replace it than it is to repair it. Next problem – where to get it shipped to. We popped into Rose Narrowboats on our way back from the village and they kindly agreed to take it in for us. Phoned Sterling back and they are going to ship the replacement charger today and it should be with Rose on Monday. We are at a nice mooring spot so sitting it out here until Tuesday will not be a problem, we will just need to go easy on the water.

Current Mooring

One up, one down

Brinklow church

Nice cottage in Brinklow


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