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Monday 21st July 2008

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1551 miles.  Total locks: 1139

Woke up early to a lovely morning – photo below.

Pulled the pins around 06:00 and headed up to Rugby.

Managed to moor in the spot I was hoping for which was a spot of luck as there are a lot of boats around at the moment.

Our generator is mounted in the cratch with the exhaust pointing out through the cratch board. I like to moor in places where no one can moor in front of the boat so that they can’t be disturbed by the generator should I need to run it for a while. It’s not terribly noisy but being diesel tends to sort of ‘drone’ on a bit. I wouldn’t want to be moored close in front of it and have to listen to it so I try to moor so that other’s can’t as they wouldn’t know the generator was there until I fire it up.

After mooring up I walked up to Clifton post office with the dogs to ship the Sterling charger back to Sterling for repair. I phone Sterling a short while ago and explained the story to them and advised them that it was a week or two outside the warrantee period and they said that it would not be a problem and that they would repair it under the warrantee. Next problem will be arranging somewhere they can ship it to that I can pick it up from – will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Many of the schools are out for their summer holidays and it is noticeable on the canals – lots of boats with children on.

I stopped off at the water point at Hillmorton bottom lock and it took over an hour to fill the tank (it was two thirds empty) as the water pressure was so low.

Current Mooring

Early morning mist

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