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Tuesday 14th July 2008

Location: Willoughby, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 2 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1544 miles.  Total locks: 1136

Decided to move out of Braunston and into the countryside for a bit of peace and quiet. Braunston is busy at the moment with lots of boating traffic passing through. Lots of dog walkers passing the boat driving Archie and Mabel (and therefore me) mad.

Moored up in a lovely spot with not another soul in site – may change tonight as people start to moor up for the evening but as it is far from any pubs etc. it may stay quiet – fingers crossed.

Update Friday 18th

Been having a nice quiet time in the country.

Lots of passing boats but very few walkers, no cyclist or runners at all. One boat passed this afternoon and he said that he had just come from Tesco in Rugby and the place is mobbed with boats, he had to moor quite some distance away and walk back to do the shopping. We will be up that way mid next week, hopefully it will be a bit quieter then??

Have walked with the dogs back into Braunston a couple of times, once for bread and once to pick up a fuel filter from the Midland Chandlers – they had a 20% off everything day today. The round trip walk is just over three miles and is very pleasant.

Changed the fuel filter on the engine today – first time ever. It’s an easy job but it took the best part of half an hour to get the air out of the fuel system afterwards.

Defrosted the fridge and the freezer to see if it would help with the power they are consuming in this warmer weather. At the moment, their combined consumption is over 100 amp hours per day which is quite a drain on the batteries. After defrosting them I measured their individual current consumptions. The fridge takes just under two amps and the freezer just under five amps. I phoned the manufacturer (Shoreline) and they confirmed that the numbers were reasonable. They suggested that I turn the freezer temperature up to minus 12 degrees C to reduce the consumption a bit (it is currently at minus 18 C). They advised that the down side of increasing the temperature is that the frozen food should only be kept for four weeks at this higher temperature. I have decided to leave it at minus 18 C so that the food keeps longer.

Update Sunday 20th
I don’t think I have ever seen as many canal boats as I saw yesterday, without exaggeration, I believe a good 50-60 passed by.

I had thought about moving on up to Rugby yesterday but one boat that passed by advised me that Rugby is full up with moored boats and they couldn’t get any where to moor to do their shopping at Tesco. I will move on tomorrow, hopefully all the boats that have just come out of their marina for the weekend will be gone by then.

Fired up the generator this morning to top up the batteries. After a short while I heard a bang, all the mains power went off and there was funny smell. The Sterling Pro-Digital 50 Amp battery charger has blown up again. I checked back and found a delivery note from the last time Sterling replaced it, it is dated 26th July 2006. It is just over two years since I bought the first unit so I guess that it is technically out of the two year warrantee. I will phone Sterling tomorrow and see if they are willing to repair/replace it as it is less than two years since the last replaced it. The first unit was only putting out 40 Amps, the second unit blew up after a couple of weeks and was replaced with the unit that blew up this morning. Luckily, I have a 30 Amp charge to get some charge into the batteries.

Current Mooring

View from the window


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