Ten Bob Note


Thursday 10th July 2008

Location: Rowington, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 14 miles, 18 locks. Total distance: 1517 miles.  Total locks: 1090

A busy day for us today.

Walked to the Wilmcote stores with the dogs before pulling the pins at 07:15 and heading back north.

Another change of plan today. Plan A was to go down the Avon and up the Severn but we gave up on that due to the rain and the longer term weather forecast for July (wet, wet, wet). Plan B was to head north up through Birmingham. Plan C is now to head back to Braunston then head north from there. We decided that we didn’t fancy going through Birmingham again and would prefer to be in the countryside. We met a couple that had just come down through Brum and they hadn’t enjoyed their trip through the built up areas at all. It reminded us of our trip through Brum last year and although mooring up at Gas Street was fine, the rest of Brum needs to be done in a rush as mooring in other parts of the city is not recommended.

So, tomorrow – weather permitting, it is back down the Hatton flight. This time we plan to stop off at Warwick and have a look around. Not sure why we didn't on when we passed 10 days ago??

Current Mooring


Edstone Viaduct 200yds long

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