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Tuesday 8th July 2008

Location: Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, Stratford Canal

Today: 0 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1503 miles.  Total locks: 1072

We intended to head into Stratford on the train first thing this morning but the macerator in the toilet got blocked with a wet-wipe so that took priority. Had to take the whole toilet to bits to get into the macerator housing to clean out the impeller – a lovely job that I hope not have to repeat any time soon!! Toilet all working fine – in fact better than ever as while I was in there I removed 6 years worth of lime scale that had built up in the flexi pipes and the impeller housing.

Late morning, we left the dogs looking after the boat and caught the train from Wilmcote station. It is a five minute journey and costs £1.80 return.

We spent a very pleasant couple of hours wandering around the town – photos below. We walked down to the canal basin and were glad that we hadn’t come down by boat as the place is in a bit of a state due to all of the construction work currently underway. If we had come down by boat we would have had to drop down onto the river Avon to find moorings.

Wednesday 9th
Well, the weather forecast was right, it has rained almost all of the night and is still raining now at 14:20. The long term forecast for the rest of July is rain, rain and more rain. The weather has finally made our minds up about our trip down the Avon and up the Severn – we are not going to do it this month – some time in the future maybe when there is less chance of flooding? Every time we go near a river, it rains, the river floods and we get stuck on it - well, we are not going to get caught out this time.

Current Mooring

Some photos of Stratford upon Avon town


Canal basin - lots of construction work going on at the moment

Old with the new

Mary Arden's cottage - Wilmcote

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