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Friday 4th July 2008

Location: Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire, Stratford Canal

Today: 5 miles, 14 locks. Total distance: 1499 miles.  Total locks: 1071

Pulled the pins around 07:30 and headed down the locks to Wooten Wawen.

So far, this canal has been continuously passing through beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Worth the trip just for the views.

Moored up at Wooten Wawen as there is a shop in the village and we are intending staying here for the weekend as the weather forecast is not good – more rain. It was at this time last year that we were stuck on the river Seven for 15 nights due to the flooding.

Walked with the dogs into the village to have a look around. The shop is one of those places that sells just about everything you could think of.

Had a look around the old Saxon church. It’s the oldest church in Warwickshire at around 1300 years old. Well worth the visit.

Current Mooring


Wooton Wawen aquaduct

Barrel shaped roof houses

This house has mirrors in place of windows!!!

Wooton Wawen house

Wooten Wawen stores - stocks just about everything

Nice tidy roof

And - twin sat dishes

One of the many split bridges designed to alow ropes to pass through

Bulls Head pub - Wooten Wawen

Wooten Wawen church - dates back to 700 AD

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