Ten Bob Note


Thursday 3rd July 2008

Location: Kingswood, Warwickshire, Stratford Canal

Today: 3 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1494 miles.  Total locks: 1057

Woke up to rain this morning so stayed put until around 10:30 when the rain stopped.

Now on the Stratford-on-Avon canal on or way down to Stratford. Back to small locks once again.

Moored up for lunch around 12:30 and decided to stay on here for the night as it is quite a nice spot, we can hear the M40 in the distance but it is not too loud. The weather forecast for tomorrow is OK but it’s not looking good for the weekend – lots of rain. If the weather is OK in the morning we will push on south to get past and away from the noise of the M40.

There is a little shop close to lock 21 at Kingswood junction that sells papers, milk, bread and all sorts. After finding out about the shop from chatting to some local folk along the canal.

Current Mooring

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