Ten Bob Note


Wednesday 2nd July 2008

Location: Rowington, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 5 miles, 17 locks. Total distance: 1491 miles.  Total locks: 1054

Set off up the rest of the Hatton flight around 07:45. Entered the first lock of the day and stopped to wait for a boat coming up through the lower lock behind us. We went through two locks with the other boat and decided to pull in and let them travel on on their own. We have not yet met anyone as miserable as the bloke on the other boat. He never once spoke, not even a good morning or a thanks for waiting for him.

There was a holiday boat moored up in the pound where we stopped to wait for the other boat to move away. As we started off again, the holiday boat asked if they could join us up through the locks which of course was not a problem. After a few locks, the folks on the holiday boat were telling us that the guy on the boat that we didn’t want to travel with had been giving them a hard time as they were going up through a lock yesterday evening. He had been telling them that they were doing everything wrong and were not using their ropes properly in and around the lock. Being novices on their first trip out, they kept quiet and just had to listen to him. We travelled up through 15 locks with the family on the holiday boat and they were very competent and pleasant to be with. This is the first time ever we have met a miserable git that we preferred not to travel with.

Moored up at lunch time and a short while later the heavens opened and it poured down. What a contrast to the lovely day we had yesterday.

Hatton flight

Looking down on Warwick

BW have updated their transport fleet

Dragon Fly near top of Hatton flight

On Tow !!

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