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Tuesday 27th May 2008

Location: Reading, Berkshire, Kennet & Avon

Today: 9 miles, 10 locks. Total distance: 1372 miles.  Total locks: 956

A busy day today. We were up at 06:00 and pulled the pins at 07:00.

There is quite a flow on the river Kennet following all of the recent rain and it made the journey from the bottom of the Woolhamton lock to the other side of the Woolhamton swing bridge a bit on the interesting side. Not sorry to be through that stretch now.

We passed a huge Ash tree (photo below) with a large fallen branch beneath. Out came the chainsaw and the wood is now on the roof (photo below). There is a saying that goes: "Ash, mature or green, makes a fire for a Queen." Another saying goes: “Ash new or Ash old is really worth it’s weight in gold”. Any way, although it doesn’t look it from the photo, there is probably a good 400kg or more of Ash wood on the roof now.

Intending to make an early start tomorrow and push on up the Thames toward Oxford. We have a busy couple of days ahead off us.

We were a bit naughty when it came to mooring up today. We wanted to be close to the Thames so that we can be on it early tomorrow but out of Reading centre so we moored up close to Fobney lock. We are not sure how safe this area is as many of the boats we have passed that are moored in this area have their windows boarded up. When it came to mooring, we moored by a farmer’s field on the opposite side to the tow path so that there will be no passing foot/bike traffic this evening/tonight. We will be moving on early in the morning so are not really harming anybody and the field does not look like it is in use for anything. We feel safer than we would if we were moored across on the tow path side. When we were passing this way a couple of months back there were lads on pushbikes drinking cans of beer and that was in the middle of the day. We also got spat on by some lads while passing under a bridge in the centre of Reading. All in all, not our favorite place. There is one good thing about Reading, we are getting good 3g mobile reception here - always a silver lining!!

Current Mooring

Lovely Ash tree

Ash logs

Was sunk in March when we last passed

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