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Thursday 22nd May 2008

Location: Newbury, Berkshire, Kennet & Avon

Today: 3 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1351 miles.  Total locks: 931

Walked up to the village to pick up the papers and to check out the new butcher. New butcher a big disappointment – not much stock and what they do have is very expensive. Bought some of their home made pork sausages - £2.46 for 4 of them.

Posted our 3 blade eco fan back for repair. It has been knocked off the stove a few times and now rattles badly when hot and the blade is spinning quickly.

There are a few signs beside the visitor moorings at Kintbury that have been doctored. Someone has blacked out the bottom line. The signs normally request that engines and generators are not run between 20:00 and 08:00 so as not to disturb others. Some one has blacked out the bottom line on all of the signs so that it implies that engines and generators should not be run at all. Can’t understand why anyone would bother as the nearest houses are a fair distance from the tow path.

Pulled the pins around 10:30 and headed on down to Newbury.

Beginning to see a few more boats on the move now, people coming out of the marinas for the bank holiday weekend mostly. Suspect most of the Reading Marine hire boat fleet will be heading out tomorrow.

Friday 23rd

We walked the mile and a bit into Newbury with the dogs this morning to do a bit of shopping. Picked up some lovely meat at the butcher beside the canal bridge – BBQ will be on tonight.

More boats out and about this morning, the most we have seen on the move for quite a while. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for them over the bank holiday.


Current Mooring

Sign - modified!! - last line should say between 8 PM and 8 AM

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