Ten Bob Note


Sunday 18th May 2008

Location: Crofton, Wiltshire, Kennet & Avon

Today: 4 miles, 9 locks. Total distance: 1341 miles.  Total locks: 913

Walked the dogs into Pewsey to pick up the Sunday papers before setting off eastward again.

Had a lovely cruise down to Crofton where we decided to moor up for the night.

After lunch we walked the dogs into the nearby village of Wilton and walked up the hill to see the windmill – photos below. Some beautiful countryside around these parts and a lovely time of year to see it.

A couple of the locks that we came through today are badly in need of some maintenance. One of the gates on one lock felt like it was about to fall to bits. I guess the problem is a lack of money in the BW coffers.

We are back in the land of next to no t-mobile reception again so uploading pages to the website is a real slow process. Unfortunately, t-mobile reception will not improve for the next few days or so.

Current Mooring - Crofton pumping station in the background

This lock gate is alive !!





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