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Tuesday 13th May 2008

Location: All Cannings, Wiltshire, Kennet & Avon

Today: 4 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1331 miles.  Total locks: 904

Well we are now back on the boat and very nice it is too.

We drove up from Cornwall on Monday evening and spent the night on the boat in the marina. Tuesday morning we drove over to Melksham to visit my mother then did a quick shop in Sainsbury’s before returning the hire car to Chipenham. The hire car company drove us back to Devizes marina and after a quick spot of lunch we left the marina and moved east to All Cannings for a few days rest. We have had a very busy few weeks so a rest is well deserved and All Cannings is a lovely spot to relax for a while.

What a difference 3 weeks has made to the countryside. Many of the trees that were still sticks are now lovely and green.

It was nice being back in Porthleven and beside the sea again but I think I prefer the countryside to the sea now.  I certainly prefer living on a boat and continuously moving around to living in a house and waking up in the same place every day. The dogs prefer the countryside as well, they didn’t take to kindly to the sand and rocks on the beaches around Porthleven.

No real plans for our next destination, we will continue eastward back to the Thames and decide where are going when we get there – York is a possibility.

Oh - it is so nice to be back on the boat again :)

Current Mooring

Spring in the Wiltshire countryside

Spring in the Wiltshire countryside

Have seen this before in this area - must be very dark inside

Nice new widebeam

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