Ten Bob Note


Monday 31st March 2008

Location: Hungerford, Berkshire, Kennet & Avon Canal

Today: 3 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1264 miles.  Total locks: 807

Reversed back to the Kintbury water point and filled the tank before heading westward to Hungerford.

Around two weeks ago I received a phone call from British Waterways enquiring as to if we were still moored at Ventnor Farm Marina. I informed them that we left Ventnor last May and are now continuous cruisers. They said that they would update their records accordingly. I found out this morning that they have sent me a letter asking that I fill out a change of details form and return it to them before the end of March – today. The letter only arrived last Friday and will not be in my possession for a few more weeks. I phoned BW and was informed that they need the change of details information supplied to them on their standard change of details form and that it needs to be signed. I informed them that it would be difficult for me as we are continuous cruisers and would not be able to collect mail for a while. The girl said no problem, get someone else to fill in the form and sign it on my behalf. No wonder BW is in such a financial mess and can’t afford to maintain the waterways system properly. All they needed to do was update their records on their computer system two weeks ago when they phoned in the first place.

Also on the subject of BW, our license is due for renewal at the end of April. Last year I renewed it online as it is so much easier (and must cost BW less in administration). I went to renew the license yesterday but it turns out that if any details have changed since last year, you have to apply for the license through the post on a standard license renewal form. They don’t exactly go out of their way to make life easy when it comes to license renewal – no wonder there are so many unlicensed boats on the system. BW don’t seem to do themselves any favours!!

I can’t understand why you can’t just update any changes of details on their secure web site at the same time as renewing your license?? Too easy perhaps??

A grey day today but nice and mild – 15c around mid day.

We are now past all of the Kennet river sections so the anchor is now stowed away until we get to the river Avon which will be quite some time away.

Good news – we had a phone call from Devizes Marina, they are able to take Ten Bob Note in for the three weeks that we need at the end of April. It’s nice to know that the boat will be in a secure location while we are away from it.

Current mooring

Strange bird hanging around the boat at Kintbury - almost like a cross between a Goose and a Duck ?? There was only one of them

River Kennet running beside the canal - west of Hungerford the river heads north

Hungerford Wharf

Hungerford Wharf

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