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Tuesday 18th March 2008

Location: Burghfield, Berkshire, Kennet & AvonCanal

Today: 1 miles, 1 lock. Total distance: 1241 miles.  Total locks: 780

Well, today was most definitely the shortest day we have spent on the move so far.

Woke up to the river level having dropped by about 6 inches and the flow reduced somewhat. Decided to pull the pins and head west to take on water.

With the engine at 2000 revs, just about full power, the GPS indicated that we were moving forward at around one mile per hour. Not a very comfortable way to travel due to the noise of the engine and the lack of progress. We went up through Burghfield lock and moored up in the lock cutting. There was not much point in continuing as progress was so slow. Also, being on full power with nothing in reserve could cause problems when passing some of the larger weirs. Normal cruising revs for us is around 1800 RPM.

We met a lady walking her dogs. She told us that she had been talking to BW and had been told that there is flooding further up river and they are dumping water down stream in an attempt to reduce the upstream level.

After mooring, we decided that we would walk the dogs to Theale as there is a shop there. Unfortunately, the bank has breached not too far in front of us and it is too difficult to get past the flooding. There is also the danger that if we did get past, we may be unable to return later in the day.

The lady I spoke to (mentioned above) moved on to a boat with her husband three months ago. They have now decided to sell the boat and to move back into a house. They have been stuck on the river Kennet for the whole 3 months and have not had a great experience. Also, their boat is an ex-hire boat and is lacking in heating etc. A shame really as they have just been unlucky and didn’t prepare their boat for full time living on.

Will try and move again tomorrow as the water tank is getting a bit on the low side. Fingers crossed.

The lady I spoke to this morning also told me that they nearly had their boat rolled over by the flow recently. Same mistake – tying the boat to a fixed object by a swing bridge in a fast flow. She said that they just managed to cut the line in time otherwise their boat would have been over!!

Current mooring

Burst bank just ahead of our mooring spot - it is worse than it looks in this photo

Flooding field


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