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Tuesday 11th March 2008

Location: Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 10 miles, 6 locks. Total distance: 1186 miles.  Total locks: 756

Pulled the pins around 08:30 and headed on south.

Stopped at the shop at the wharf at Lower Heyford and also filled up with water at the water point beside the train station.

The weather was lovely up until about 12:30 then the heavy rain came on and we got a good soaking.

We had intended to moor up somewhere close to Pigeon Lock so that we can walk up to Kirtlington village tomorrow as we have heard that there is a shop there. When we got to Pigeon Lock we found that all the moorings are in use so we had to continue on for another three quarters of a mile before we found water deep enough to moor up. Weather permitting, we will walk back to Kirtlington tomorrow.

STOP PRESS: Just received an email from nb Balmaha (thank you), aparantly Culham lock has opened ahead of schedule. The BW stoppages site still shows it as closed until Friday. I just phoned the Environment Agency and they confirmed that Culham lock is now open and also advised that parts of the river are on yellow alert. They forecast that the river will stay on yellow for the next couple of days but heavy rain is expected on Friday which could change the conditions to red. Decisions decisions – do we push on to Oxford tomorrow, jump on the Thames early Thursday morning and ‘run for it’ or do we sit it out for goodness knows how long on the canal – will have to think about this one over night!!!

t-mobile reception here is almost zero - having great trouble updating web site and sending/receiving email - will be moving from here very soon!

Current mooring

Upper Heyford

River Cherwell right beside the canal near Upper Heyford


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