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Thursday 6th March 2008

Location: Aynho, Northamptonshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 4 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1176 miles.  Total locks: 750

The weather forecast for the next few days is not looking good – rain, rain and more rain. Chances are that the forecast is wrong as usual but we decided we would move today to get water while the weather is good.

Passed a lovely dead tree south of Kings Sutton – it’s now in manageable chunks on the roof!! We left enough tree behind (we are just about out of space on the roof) to heat a boat for an entire winter.

Stopped off at Aynho wharf to fill up with water and to dump some rubbish.

We had half intended to move down to Lower Hayford as there is a shop there but as there is now a shop at the Aynho wharf and the area is nice and countrified, we decided to moor up just south of Aynho for a few days. It’s a lovely spot here.

Friday 7th

It was a lovely afternoon yesterday so we walked the dogs up to the village of Souldern. Well worth the walk. It is probably the first village we have come across that seems to have been totally untouched my modern building. I doubt if there are any houses in the village (that we saw) that are less then 100 years old. A lovely place. The only commercial building being a very old garage offering repairs and MOTs – oh, and a pub called The Fox.

We walked up to the Souldern along the road that leads up from the canal at Wharf Farm (no traffic as it only connects the farm to the village) and walked back down along the bridal way that passes the old mill. Three and a half miles round trip.

We woke up to heavy rain this morning but it cleared away and the sky turned blue by 08:00. We walked back to Aynho wharf to pick up the papers and a loaf of bread.

On returning to the boat it was out with the chainsaw and axe to process the wood we have collected in recent days. It is all now all stored on the roof ready for the fire – photos below.

In the afternoon, we took the dogs on a nice long walk to Aynho and Souldern. Souldern is a nicer village than Aynho and yet it isn’t mentioned in the Nicholson canal guide book but Aynho village is. All in all, a lovelly round trip walk of just over 6 miles – Track from Garmin GPS.

Saturday 8th

We walked with the dogs back to Aynho Wharf to pick up the papers. We asked if there were any grocery type shops in the area and were advised that the nearest was in Deddington.

On return to the boat I fired up the computer to consult the ordinance survey maps and it turns out that there is a footpath across the fields from the bridge near where we are moored and Deddington is just a mile or so further along the road from Clifton.

We had a cup of coffee then set off with the dogs for Deddington. Clifton is a very small village right on a fairly busy road. There is a footpath all the way along the side of the road from Clifton to Deddington. When we got to Deddington we ere very pleasantly supprised. There is a fairly large CO-Op  shop there plus another shop that sells meat, veg etc. All in all, a very nice little village. The total round trip was just over 5 miles and took just over 2 hours which included shopping time. Well worth the walk – some photos below. Track from Garmin GPS.

The met office has issued a severe weather warning for high winds on Monday and Tuesday and the winds have been quite blustery on and off today. We are expecting to be here until Wednesday if the weather forecast is right.

Culham Lock on the Thames is still closed for repairs and is scheduled to be open again next Friday evening. If it re-opens as planed, we will probably shoot down the Thames to Reading on the following Monday and Tuesday – weather and river conditions permitting. Our thoughts are that there should be less river traffic on the Monday and Tuesday. If all goes to plan, we should be on the K&A by Wednesday 12th.

Monday 10th

Well, the weather forecast was right, I have never seen the barometer so low – see photo below. It was very windy during the night with more is forecast for later. It has been squally all day but not as bad as we had been expecting.

Current mooring

The bottom gate on some of the locks are huge - it's more usual to have twin bottom gates


More lambs

View from the window

Wood cut into rounds

Split and stored on the roof - should last a few weeks!!!

Aynho church

Aynho Park

Aynho village

Aynho village

Walk up to Aynho from our mooring spot

Souldern old mill

Souldern church

Souldern church

Souldern church

Souldern village

Souldern village

Souldern village

Souldern village

Souldern village

Souldern village

Souldern village - Old Forge Cottage

View on walk from Aynho to Souldern

The Duke of Cumberland's Head - pub at Clifton - Rumoured to serve very good food

Clifton - easy walk across the fields from where we are moored


House in Deddington

Cottages in Deddington

Deddington church


Lovely shop in Deddington

Deddington market square

Storm Brewing !!! Evening of Sunday 9th

Barometer - 13:35 0n Monday 10th - as low as it goes!!!

Mabel wanting to go out



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