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Wednesday 30th January 2008

Location: Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire, Grand Union

Today: 7 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1082 miles.  Total locks: 701

Pulled the pins at around 08:00 and headed on south to Yelvertoft.

Stopped off at the water point in Yelvertoft to fill the tank then walked into the village to get the papers and a home baked loaf of bread from the little shop. Found out that the shop closes at 12:00 on Wednesdays and Sundays.

We have seen more boats on the move today than we have seen in the last month. All in all, about 10 boats have been out and about – must be the sun ??

The weather forecast for the next few days is not good so we will probably stay on here at Yelvertoft. It’s a lovely quiet mooring spot and close to the village for the papers etc.

Thursday 31st

Decided that it was time to give the floor a coat of varnish as it has worn very thin in places. Sanded the floor down and gave it 5 coats of Ronseal Diamond Hard floor varnish, one coat every two hours as advised on the tin. It’s looking a lot better now.

An awful day weather wise. Walked into the village with the dogs around 10:00 after applying the first coat of varnish. It was very windy when we left the boat but mostly dry. Just after we left the shop for the return walk to the boat the rain and hail stones started. The hail was so bad that Mable wouldn’t walk and was trying to crawl under the hedge for shelter. I ended up having to carry Mablel most of the way back to the boat. We were all soaked through even though we were wearing water proof coats and leggings. Shortly after we got back to the boat the rain stopped – sods law!!

Friday 1st Feb

Been looking for a petrol chainsaw today. Have almost decided to go for a Stihl as they have a good reputation for reliability. Phoned Stihl for help in selecting the right model as there are about twenty different products in their petrol range. Have almost decided on the MS280. I had sort of homed in on the MS280 before I phoned Stihl so it was good to get their confirmation that this model would suit my requirements and have power to spare. I had looked at various web sites and obtained a few prices off the web. The guy I spoke to at Stihl recommended that I don’t buy off the web but go to a recognised dealer – he told me that they don’t officially support web sales. I looked up a local dealer and asked for a price – they quoted me a price that is £130 higher than the web prices I have been looking at. I asked the dealer if that was his best price and advised him that it was available so much cheaper on the web. The dealer didn’t seem interested in doing any sort of a deal and agreed that it would be a lot cheaper buying from the web so that is what I will do. I don’t mind paying a bit extra to a recognised dealer but £130 is a bit OTT.

Saturday 2nd

We walked into the village yesterday afternoon to ask the owner of the shop/post office if he would mind if we had a parcel delivered to his shop. He very kindly said that it would be no problem. When we got back to the boat I ordered the chainsaw from www.qualitytoolsltd.co.uk. A short while after placing the order I had a phone call from Daren at Quality Tools. Daren informed me that they have an agreement with Stihl that they personally speak to all customers to make sure they know about the safety issues and the operation of chainsaws. Daren was very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to do business with. We now need to hang around Yelvertoft until next Tuesday – not a problem as this is a lovely spot. We will need to move to get water before Tuesday but will return to this mooring once the tank is filled up.

Current mooring

Lovely blue sky this morning

The canal is a bit overgrown in places

Floor after varnishing


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