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Saturday 26th January 2008

Location: Great Bowden, Leicestershire, Grand Union

Today: 2 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1065 miles.  Total locks: 691

Just before leaving for town, a lady from the boating office came over and asked me how long I was intending staying as there is a 48 hour limit at the visitors moorings. I informed her that I was well aware of the time limit and that I would be leaving on Saturday before lunch. There is no shortage of signs around the moorings informing of the 48 hour limit – perhaps she thought I was unable to read??? This is the first time in any place that we have moored that anyone has felt it necessary to tell us how long we are allowed to stay.

Walked into town this morning to do a final shop before leaving the area – Market Harborough really is a lovely town with a very good assortment of shops. They are all real shops as well, not shopping malls.

Pulled the pins around 11:00 and headed off to Great Burton where we moored up for the night – or however many nights we decide to stay here. It is nice to be back out in the countryside again. Visitors moorings are OK for a night or so when shopping has to be done or train stations accessed but we would much rather be out in the countryside away from it all.

Passed loads of fallen and dead trees on the way to Great Burton. If I had a petrol chainsaw I would have cut a few lengths off for logs. That’s a big drawback with the electric chainsaw, it’s only of use for cutting up logs once they have been dragged back to the boat. I think I will have to invest in a petrol driven chainsaw before too long.

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