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Thursday 24th January 2008

Location: Market Harborough, Leicestershire, Grand Union

Today: 2 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1063 miles.  Total locks: 691

Woken up this morning by the dogs at 06:00, dog walkers on the towpath were winding them up.

Pulled the pins around 08:00 and headed back into Market Harborough to do a bit of shopping.

The weather was awful at 06:00, high winds and rain. By 08:00 the winds had died down to next to nothing and the rain had stopped. By 10:00 the sun was out and the weather was lovely.

Walked into town to get some varnish for the main cabin floor. £31 for a 2.5l tin of Ronseal diamond hard floor varnish – not cheap. I bought it in Wilkinson’s after checking the price in Homebase. Wilkinson’s was £4 cheaper for the exact same stuff.

I received an email from Dominic at Rugby Boat Sales. Dominic emailed me to tell me of a good butcher in south Kilworth that is well worth a visit if we are passing back that way. I will certainly give it a try. Dominic also mentioned that he has added a link to my web site on his web site. I took a look and had to laugh at it.

I bought Ten Bob Not a week before Xmas in 2005. We had already ordered a fairly large turkey from a farm local to where we were living at that time. After going through the motions of buying the boat and arranging to pick it up, it suddenly dawned on us that the large turkey probably wouldn’t fit in the oven on the boat I had to phone Dominic to ask his advice as to what size the oven was and what size turkey it might be able to hold. I guess they don’t often get questions like that from customers!!!

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