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Monday 14th January 2008

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Grand Union

Today: 10 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 1029 miles.  Total locks: 671

Went shopping at Tesco for a quick last shop before pulling the pins and heading back down to Braunston on our way to Market Harborough.

Not a great day weather wise but we had had enough of Rugby and wanted to move. A few showers on the way but nothing too bad.

Passed Ann and Chas on nb Moore 2 Life again. Had a quick chat in passing, they are also heading off up the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union so I am sure our paths will cross a few more times over the coming weeks.

We passed the sunken boat (photos on previous web page). There were two lads beside the boat with beer cans in hand and a petrol driven pump that they had just fired up. I asked them if they knew why it had sank as the hull looked good and they said that they believe it had been sabotaged.

Stopped of at the Stop House in Braunston to fill up with water. Found a lovely great big dried out tree trunk on the off side opposite the water point. Very surprised that no one had spotted it before. It is now on the roof and will provide heat for about a week once cut up and split.

Moved on from the Stop House and moored up just above the second lock. Battened down the hatches as heavy rain is forecast.

Tuesday 15th
Well the weather forecast was right, it rained most of the night and has not stopped all morning. Have heard from BW that parts of the South Oxford canal are now closed due to flooding. Glad we not on a river at the moment!!

Current mooring - a touch on the wet side!!

Overflow water flows under the house!!

Water flowing over the gates after the heavy rain

Braunston viewed from the bottom lock


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