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Saturday 12th January 2008

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire, Grand Union

Today: 9 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1019 miles.  Total locks: 666

Gosty Hill, the coal boat passed yesterday and we bought another seven bags of coal off Iain and Alison. It was absolutely chucking it down with rain when they pulled up along side and they were both frozen and soaked through – a hard way to earn a living. This time we bought Stoveglow instead of Taybrite. Stoveglow is a mixture of various types of coal – left overs I guess. Have never used it before but it is only £6.05 a 25kg bag as against £7.20 for Taybrite. It will be interesting to see how it burns.

Left Braunston this morning and headed north to Ruby to do a bit of shopping at Tesco and Wickes etc.

We had a lot of rain yesterday with strong winds. Passed a lot of flooded areas on the way up to Rugby. Rugby golf course looks like a large pond at the moment.

Passed a sunken boat south of Hillmorton, it was floating and looked fine when we passed it just a few weeks ago. It is not much more than a shell and looks as if someone was in the process of re-fitting it out. It’s a bit of a mess now. It had the for sale sign in the window before it sank.

Sunday 13th
Went shopping and stocked up on my favourite Rose wine that we couldn’t get back in Banbury. Also picked up some vent grills to cover the holes that I drilled in the base of the bed and the wardrobes in order to allow a flow of air through them. The damp patches are almost completely gone now so the ventilation seems to have done the trick.

The weather forecast is not good for the next five days. Rain, rain and more rain is forecast. As much as I don’t like moving in the rain, I will probably move from this mooring tomorrow as we are right beside a busy main road. It is nice and handy for the local shops but very noisy first thing in the morning. The plan is to turn around and start heading towards Market Harborough.

Interesting, I am getting good 3g reception here. The last couple of times we moored here the phone indicated good 3g reception but would only work on GPRS ???

Current mooring

Hillmorton double locks

Sunken boat


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