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Wednesday 9th January 2008

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Grand Union

Today: 7 miles, 1 locks. Total distance: 1010 miles.  Total locks: 663

Nice start to the day then some showers later. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Pulled the pins around 09:00 and dropped down through the bottom lock at Napton. Moored up to take on water while Rhonda walked the dogs into the village to get the papers.

While taking on water, nb Alnwick (photo below) arrived and also moored up to take on water. Had a quick chat with Graham before heading off on our way to Braunston.

We stopped off at Wigrams Turn to get a couple of bottles of gas as we were down to our last one. Gas has just gone up to £20.17 for a 13kg bottle, it was around £18.00 a couple of weeks ago. While we were there, we also filled up with diesel as at 59p per litre as it was quite a good price.

Arrived at Braunston around 13:30 and just got moored up when the rain started. Another funny day weather wise as half an hour before we moored up the skies were clear blue – see photos of Fox’s Gate and the current mooring below – the time between photos was about 30 minutes.

Current mooring - grey overcast sky

nb Alnwick with Graham at the tiller

Old working boat

View from Fox's Gate near Braunston - nice blue sky


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