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Monday 7th January 2008

Location: Napton, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 4 miles, 8 locks. Total distance: 1003 miles.  Total locks: 662

Very windy day, some showers. Good t-mobile gprs reception here.

Just passed the 1000 miles mark since May.....

Woke up to very strong blustery winds and thought that we wouldn’t be going anywhere today.
By 09:00 the winds had eased off so we pulled the pins and headed towards Napton. The morning was lovely with clear blue skies.
The stretch of canal between Fenny Compton and Napton is really lovely, I always enjoy this stretch. You can walk on the tow path without having to worry too much about stepping in dog poo every few yards, it’s obviously not used too much by dog walkers that don’t clear up after their dogs.
Half way down the Napton flight the winds got up again and the rain came on – what a huge change in weather in such a short space of time.
Moored up in the same spot where we spent Xmas day – just above the bottom lock.
Walked up into the village for the papers and some odds and ends.
Adjusted the drive belts on the alternators in the afternoon and hoovered the water out of the engine bilges.
Was tidying out the wardrobes in the bedroom and noticed dampness on the wooden floor. Plastic cold water pipes run along the insides at the bottom rear of both wardrobes and condensation has been forming on the cold pipes and dripping off onto the floor. There is no ventilation to the wardrobes so when I get hold of some brass ventilation grills I will drill some large ventilation holes so that air can get in and circulate. I will also get some pipe insulation and will lag the cold water pipes. We are on our way (slowly) to Rugby via Braunston so should be able to pick up the bits I need in the next week or so.
Message to anyone building a boat for living aboard – make sure all spaces are well ventilated!!

Tuesday 8th

The weather forecast for today is not great, windy and wet so we decided to stay on here in Napton for another day.

Spent an hour or so this morning drilling ventilation holes in the base of the wardrobes and the bedside cupboard. All enclosed spaces in the bedroom are now ventilated and we have removed and dumped a lot of stuff that we had been storing. There is now good ventilation and space for the air to circulate. I will cover the holes with grills when I find some that are suitable. I find it strange that these spaces were not ventilated when the boat was originally built.

We walked into the village with the dogs to pick up the papers – the shop sells just about everything and is also a post office.

So far today two boats have passed which is one more than we saw on the move yesterday –it’s lovely and peaceful on the canal around here at the moment..

Current mooring - grey overcast sky


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